Super delicious!

12 strips bacon
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 dozen eggs (beaten)
2 cups cheddar (grated, divided)
6 (6-inch) flour tortillas
6 (8-inch) flour tortillas
nonstick cooking spray
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper (to taste)

Line a plate with paper towels and set aside.
In a large, cold, nonstick pan, add bacon, working in batches if necessary. Place over medium heat and cook, turning occasionally until desired doneness has been reached. Using a slotted spoon, remove to prepared plate. Wipe out pan and return to heat.
To the cleaned pan, add butter and allow to melt. Add beaten eggs and using a rubber spatula, continuously stir the eggs until just cooked through, about 4-5 minutes. Remove from heat, set aside, and allow to cool to room temperature.
On a clean work surface, lay one 8-inch flour tortilla on a flat surface. Spread 1/4 cup of scrambled eggs onto tortilla leaving a 1 inch border. Top with 4 pieces of cooked bacon. Sprinkle each tortilla with 1/3 cup of grated cheddar and top with one 6-inch tortilla. To fold the quesadilla, start from the bottom with the larger tortilla. Fold the larger tortilla edge up toward the smaller tortilla, crimping and folding the edges tightly as you go. Continue and repeat with remaining tortillas.
Wrap each quesadilla individually in plastic wrap and freeze.
To Serve: Preheat waffle iron and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Unwrap quesadilla and transfer to waffle iron, close and cook until tortillas have browned and cheese is melted, about 7-10 minutes. Remove and transfer to plate and serve.
Tip: Fill your breakfast quesadilla with your favorite breakfast ingredients!